Representation of the Eifel steigweg: The Eifel steig starts in the north of the Eifel

Where the mountains are simply slopes dropping down to the flatlands. We follow little streams to their sources in the High Fens, an area of high fields and repositories bordered by transcending bluffs prompting the old material making town of Monschau, overshadowed by its palace. A fantasy objective where record fronted half-wooded houses stand one next to the other at off-kilter points

It go on into the harder districts of the West Eifel with the fences ordinary of the area. It go on through the Eifel Public Park with all its meanderings, rough chasms and blended woods to the dam of the Urfttal supply. Palaces and convents as well as lovely old towns and towns can be visited on the way. A few waterways and valleys are crossed, for instance the little Lampertal with its rich assortment of orchids and butterflies.

Over vast slopes with endless magma shafts and quarries, we at long last arrive at the Dreimühlen cascade, a genuine gem in the segregated Ahrbach valley. This cascade is extremely surprising. It starts from limestone stores and the presence of powdery water and unique types of greenery and diatoms imply that it is constantly developing.

Passing Kerpen with its impressive palace, we arrive at Hillesheim

The enormous market square under plane trees, the city wall with towers and the aristocrat houses make this unassuming community especially appealing. Hillesheim is known for its fossils by geologists all over the planet. An enchanting little valley drives us to the glades of the Kyll plain. From the Rother Kopf with its caverns and magma pints you can anticipate an amazing locale with wiped out volcanoes and old coral reefs close to Gerolstein

Daun is the core of the Vulkaneifel with its cavity lakes or maars and yellow gorse strips, known as “Eifelgold”. The way leads past the Maaren into the Untruths valley and on to Manderscheid, where two great palace ruins emerge from the valley.

Past the monasteries of Himmerod, Ramstein and Genoveva Caveon, the Eifelsteig prompts Trier, Germany’s most seasoned town in the Moselle valley. Once in Trier, it merits taking a room and investigating the city (Porta Nigra, Roman Historical center, and so forth.). In the event of awful climate you can remain in the inn.

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